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2016 Reconciliation Webinars

Quarterly reconciliation is the cornerstone of a solid payroll foundation. Detailed reports, spreadsheets, and good old fashioned mathematics allow payroll professionals to ensure balance in the payroll system. PenSoft Payroll takes most of the work out of a good reconciliation process with pre-defined reports, along with the ability to send many reports to file, allowing users to open them as spreadsheets for greater flexibility.

What Do We Cover?

We will cover the steps and procedures required to reconcile tax liability, payroll expense and payroll liability accounts. The webinar consists of a speaker presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, and other materials from the speaker's computer.

Seminar Dates

Training is $99 connection. Speakers are required to hear the trainer. Chat is available to ask questions. To sign up for training please call 888-PENSOFT (888-736-7638). All training is at 2pm eastern time (1 CST, 12 MT & 11 PST) and lasts approximately 60 minutes.

  • March 24
  • March 31
  • April 7