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About Us

PenSoft Corporate Background

What we do

Peninsula Software of Virginia, Inc. (PenSoft) manufactures payroll and tax software designed specifically to help small to mid-sized businesses and payroll service providers process virtually any payroll and related tax requirements faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

PenSoft Payroll Solutions is committed to providing the best value available in business payroll and tax software, backed by program support unsurpassed in the industry. Our sophisticated, comprehensive software packages make one of the most complex, time-consuming tasks employers face as simple as a few keystrokes.

PenSoft relies largely on distributors, customer referrals, and the internet to continue the company's rapid growth. PenSoft has grown to support thousands of clients with a highly trained staff of degreed accountants, computer programmers, program support consultants, and business experts.


PenSoft was incorporated as a privately held company in January 1990. Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Leroy Newman, with his engineering education and business management experience, took the helm. Through his guidance PenSoft has expanded its payroll offerings and has grown to the business it is today.

As PenSoft grew and the span of control was too much for one supervisor, in 2000 Stephanie Salavejus, with her accounting education and experience, was promoted to the newly established position of Director of Support and Training. With continued growth PenSoft added two additional Directors - Information Systems to develop and maintain the payroll accounting software and Sales and Marketing to serve our customers and maintain the customer database.

Because of her demonstrated abilities, in 2004 Stephanie was promoted to the newly established Vice President position taking on responsibilities for overall company management. In the same year she sat for and successfully passed the American Payroll Association Certified Payroll Professional exam. In 2006 her position was expanded to include Chief Operating Officer responsibilities. As supervisor of the three Department Directors she directs the company's daily operations.

PenSoft continues to operate under the leadership of Leroy and Stephanie.


Located at 151 Enterprise Drive, Newport News, Virginia, PenSoft continues to specialize in the manufacture of payroll processing software designed to help small to mid-sized businesses process virtually all payroll and related tax requirements faster, easier, and more cost effectively. Program support is free and unlimited.

PenSoft® Payroll, is a powerful payroll software program. With thousands of customers in all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, it is designed for use by accountants, any type of small to mid-sized business with 1 to 2000+ employees, doctors, attorneys, and other professionals. "Sold on an annual-subscription basis," says Newman. "PenSoft Payroll can be used cost-effectively for one to 2000+ employees, and for an unlimited number of companies."

After developing its website in 1995, www.PenSoft.com, PenSoft began partnering with accounting, human resource, time clock and vertical market software manufacturers for distribution of its products.

PenSoft has a number of Certified Payroll Professionals (CPPs) on staff in Program Support and Management. The CPPs are members of the American Payroll Association (APA) and the local Colonial Capital Chapter.

The Complete Payroll Solution

Always up to date, PenSoft Payroll automates payroll management in a variety of business settings. PenSoft Payroll provides technological transparency to the user through extreme ease of use, superior program support, and the flexibility to accommodate virtually every individual's payroll and tax situation. Users subscribe to the current calendar year version, then renew their subscription each year to receive a complete, new program incorporating the most complete and accurate wage and tax changes, and free program support. During the subscription year, any federal or state tax changes are automatically sent to each subscriber. Thus, regardless of how many states employees call home, or how tax laws may have changed during the year, it's there.

Across the country, more and more businesses depend on PenSoft for their widely diverse payroll needs: medical and legal offices, accounting and insurance firms, retail stores and repair services, farms and equipment suppliers, restaurants and real estate offices - even religious organizations with their special payroll and tax status.

The payroll market is a quickly changing, fast growing market. In increasingly intense competition, PenSoft has distinguished itself in two critical ways:

First, PenSoft knows no two payrolls are alike. Unlike most off-the-shelf products, PenSoft Payroll is a completely customizable package. It can be set up specifically for each client's circumstances, guaranteeing a payroll system meeting the client's needs - from the most basic, straightforward payroll to the most complex and involved.

Second, PenSoft does not just design and manufacture payroll software, the company uses it to run its own company payroll. Ongoing, daily usage translates into the kind of product knowledge and program support our subscribers have come to rely on and our competition cannot touch. It also constitutes an ongoing quality control program resulting in the best kind of product development: firsthand experience. How many other payroll and tax software makers actually use their product?

PenSoft's Philosophy

The power rush of today's technological society causes changes at a very rapid pace. PenSoft has always made, and will continue to make, changes as technology drives us. We are proud of our company and its professional employees. But above all we are proud of our customer service oriented philosophy and to show this, we continue to offer free unlimited program support for all our payroll software products and free tax rate updates to all registered users.