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PenSoft's monthly Payroll eTips Newsletter is dedicated to providing indispensable payroll and tax information.

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Newsletter Archive

Summer 2018 - Payroll's Need for Speed, 2019 Renewal Options, Meltdown and Spectr, Spring Cleaning

Spring 2018 - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, Affordable Care Act in 2018, WPA2 Vulnerability Follow-up, ACH Payments Available

Winter 2017 - Key Changes Impacting Payroll in 2018, New Customer Orientation Training, WPA2 Flaw, Happy Holidays

Fall 2017 - Growing Business & Payroll Implications, Cyber Criminals & Spam Filers, Year-End Webinars, Remote Client reports

Summer 2017 - Calculating the Premium Overtime Rate, Healthcare Reform Impacts for Employers, Layered Approaches to Computer Security

Spring 2017 - Maximizing Functionality in PenSoft Payroll, New Form I-9, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution

Winter 2016 - Why Convert to PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution, Phishing E-mails, Virtual Training, Updating Customer Records

Fall 2016 - Department of Labor Audit, Enhanced PenSoft Program Support, Year-End Webinars

Summer 2016 - Nonresident Income Tax Withholding & Reporting, Data Migration, Renew for 2017 & Order Tax Forms

Spring 2016 - Personnel Information Management, Payroll Reconciliation, Spring Reconciliation Webinars, Automatically Check for Updates

Winter 2015- PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution, 2016 Training Dates, Database Corruption

Fall 2015- PenSoft Payroll & Windows XP, The Next Generation of PenSoft Payroll, Password Management Solutions

Summer 2015- The Next Generation of PenSoft Payroll, Cloud Backup, Employee Wages Reached $200,000

Spring 2015- Insider's Secrets On PenSoft Payroll, Payroll Reconciliation, Computer Privacy Screens, Windows XP

Winter 2014- Quarterly Reconciliation, Payroll Certifications, Employee Self-Service, 2015 Training

Fall 2014- Dedicated to Being a Voice to the Payroll Industry, & the Affordable Care Act, Electronic Vendor Payments Deter Fraud

Summer 2014- Helping Your Workforce Prepare for Retirment, 2015 Renewals, Cloud Backup, Entering Year-to-Date Information

Spring 2014- Data Protection Through Prevention, PenSoft Customer Security, Protecting Corporate Identity From Theft

Winter 2013- Flexible Spending Account - Use or Lose, 2013 Training Dates, PenSoft RSS Feeds

Fall 2013- Affordable Care Act, EFTPS Batch Provider Software, Year-End Webinars, 2014 Renewals

Summer 2013- Securing PII, 2014 Renewals, Intercepting ACH Transfers

Spring 2013- 2013 Employee Social Security Rate, FMLA 20th Anniversary, Quarterly Reconciliation Webinars

Winter 2012- Form 940, FUTA Credit Reduction, 2013 Training Dates Announced, Additional Medicare Tax for 2013

Fall 2012- Affordable Care Act, Reconcile a Checking Account, Year-End Webinars Available, Printing Test W-2s

Summer 2012- Safeguard Your Employee Documents, 2013 Renewals, Streamline Your Office

Spring 2012- Employee Social Security Rate, Trade Show Schedule, Quarterly Reconciliation Webinars

Winter 2011- Employee Self-Service, PenSoft Registration, 2012 Training Dates

Fall 2011- Federal & State Unemployment Partnership, 2012 Renewal, Year-End Webinars, 94x E-Filing

Summer 2011- 2012 PenSoft Payroll, Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation, 94X E-File Price Reduction

Spring 2011- First Quarter Update, 2011 Social Security Rates, State Updates, Preliminary 2011 Forms

Winter 2010 - 2011 Software Release, Valuing Your Employees, 2011 Payroll Training, 2010 Tax Forms

Fall 2010 - Unemployments Costs for Employers, 2010 PenSoft Payroll changes, Year-End Reconciliation, Online Check Ordering

Summer 2010 - 2011 PenSoft Payroll, 94x E-Filing Services, Software Registrations

Spring 2010 - Software License Violations, Go Green With PenSoft, Merchant Services

Winter 2009 - Impact of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan, Community Forum, 2010 Training Dates

Fall 2009 - FUTA & Credit Reductions, EEOC, Quarterly Training, Renew for 2010

Summer 2009 - Void a 941 Check, National Payroll Week

Spring 2009 - Direct Deposit Comparison Chart, Electronic Filing, State Unemployment

Winter 2008 - Electronic Employment Tax Forms, Remote Client, Year-End Checklist,       E-mailing Summaries

Fall 2008 - We Moved, 1099 Backup Withholding, 2009 Software Renewals & Tax Forms

Summer 2008 - Electronically File Forms, New Check Styles & Quantities, Customer Security

Spring 2008 - Fundamentals of Reconciling, Increase Your Business!, EFTPS Security

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