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New Mexico

Address (UI)

Department of Workforce Solutions Division of Workforce Transition Services Unemployment Insurance Tax Bureau PO Box 2281 Albuquerque, NM 87103-2281 505-841-8576

Forms (Contribution)

Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version] Notes
ES-903 A Employer's Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report (01-09) -   Pensoft provides a worksheet

Forms (New Hire)

Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version] Notes
New Hire Reporting Form (None) - [Employee Tracker™ v2.09.0.20]-   PenSoft generates this form
-   PenSoft prints on this form

Forms (Wage Listing)

Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version] Notes
ES-903 B Employer's Report of Wages Paid/Continuation Sheet (02-06) -   Pensoft provides a worksheet

MagMedia (State Specific)

Title (Revision) - [PenSoft Product and version] Emp. Threshold
W-2 Reporting - [Payroll v3.12.4.06]250
New Hire Electronic Reporting - [Employee Tracker™ v2.09.0.20]0

Rates (Wagebase)

Title [PenSoft Product & version] Amount
State Trust Fund (2019) - [Payroll v4.19.0.00]24800
State Trust Fund (2018) - [Payroll v4.18.0.00]24200
Unemployment Insurance (2019) - [Payroll v4.19.0.00]24800
Unemployment Insurance (2018) - [Payroll v4.18.0.00]24200