Cloud-Based Hosted Payroll Solution | PenSoft® Payroll Solutions

PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution

Enjoy the convenience of a cloud-based hosted payroll system combined with the features of PenSoft's popular in-house payroll software. Available in three hosted payroll solution levels. Which is best for your company?


Process payroll anywhere on any device with internet access. Even Apple devices!


Data is safe and secure in a Tier III data center.

Cost Effective

No up front costs! Monthly billing ensures you pay only for what you use. No additional fees for state tax tables.


Tax tables for all 50 states included. Extensive reporting features, including user-defined reports.

Maintenance Free

Updates for your cloud-based hosted payroll solution are automatically deployed to ensure you are always working with the latest version.

No Installation

Receive access to PenSoft Payroll Hosted Solution ready to use.

Reduce IT Expense

Hardware and software requirements are managed by host. Built-in disaster recovery protection included!