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Paying employees has never been this simple.

PenSoft Payroll Solutions - From Startup to Backup in 6 Easy Steps

Our Payroll & Software Expertise Make PenSoft the Best

PenSoft Payroll Solutions has been developing in-house payroll software since 1983. Our payroll knowledge and programming expertise make PenSoft Payroll sophisticated & packed with features, yet easy enough for a novice to use.

Maximum Control & Savings

PenSoft Payroll software is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes in-house payroll processing a simple job any company can accomplish. Its enhanced and additional features make PenSoft Payroll the best value in payroll processing software to manage your own payroll in-house.

Six PenSoft Payroll editions to choose from

  • Premier - Designed especially for payroll processors with multiple payroll clients.
  • Platinum - Designed for companies with complex payroll requirements.
  • Enterprise - Advanced payroll software supporting 1099 requirements.
  • Professional - Simplify your payroll processing by paying employees with direct deposit.